Sport Textile Market a Growing Segment

Recently statistics have been released by Stats and Reports, indicating that the Global Sports Textile Market is fast busy growing into one of the most influential role players impacting the global economy.

Indicating Growth

The statistics for this report was gathered in cooperation with a number of the most significant role players in the sports textile industry. These would include names like Nike, Adidas, Gelvenor Textiles, Northface and many more. The clear conclusion which could be made is that this industry has shown significant growth over the past financial year.

The Technology behind Sport Textiles

Technology plays a vital role in the improvement of sports in various ways. The technology invested in creating textiles for sportswear, gear and accessories, is only one substantial segment of this market. Over the years, technology changed the face of sport as we know it. The textile industry is always driven to obtaining better results as well as in research to deliver cutting-edge technology when it comes to the development of fibres. An athlete’s performance can be hindered by inadequate wear. Sportswear is always aiming at allowing athletes to be able to jump higher and move faster. Finding a great balance between fashion and function is also core to the industry. A couple of breakthrough advances have seen the light over the past couple of years. These are making great strides towards delivering better results for athletes.

Developing Reactive Fabrics

The term reactive fabrics indicate that the material can sense certain conditions and then react according to it to achieve better results.

Moisture-wicked Fabrics

In general, these are referred to as wicked moisture fabrics, but what it means is that the material can react according to the amount of sweat which an athlete generates. Moisture wicked structures are advanced in the sense that they don’t just absorb the sweat of a performing athlete, but also brings it to the surface of the garment to ease evaporation and keeping the clothing dry.

Thermal Technology

Thermal fabrics can adjust to various climates and temperatures within a particular environment. It is developed to keep the body warm when it is fresh and to sense when the body temperature has changed and then adapt according to.

Compressed Fabrics

A third vital role player is compressed fabric which fits tightly around muscles for it to assist the athlete’s muscles in achieving maximum output.

Reactive Towards Impact

This kind of reactive materials is developed to protect an athlete against impact and injury. It is incredibly flexible until it receives an impact. The technology is reactive materials allows it to harden instantly on impact. This allows unrestricted movement with the confidence of limited injury during impact.

These are the kinds of developments which give various manufacturers a competitive advantage above the rest. With an ever-growing market in sports and the constant desire to outperform, it is no surprise then that the global market in sport fabric technology is growing into such an economically important market.