Stan Lee’s Daughter Loses $1 Million.

The Daughter of Stan Lee has found herself entering bankruptcy after trying to force the hand of an international corporation. J.C. Lee decided to instigate a formal lawsuit against “POW Entertainment”, which had established multiple Marvel Comics. They’re credited with the growth of characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Thanos. Profits for POW Entertainment are significant & have higher volumes than DC Comics. It’s for this reason that Stan Lee’s daughter tried to re-obtain her father’s properties, which follows after his death in 2018. Marvel supporters remarked their never-ending sadness for losing the creator of their favourite comics.

Seeing his legacy dishonoured by J.C. Lee has angered those comic book fans that feel a kinship with Stan lee. The actions of his daughter weren’t offensive though, with Stan Lee had tried to sue POW Entertainment in 2017-18 before his death. Lawsuits formalized with several states by Stan Lee indicated that the Marvel creator was tricked into signing over his properties. These claims were deemed unsubstantiated & prompted the suit to be thrown out of court. Stan Lee would then retract all sentiments regarding POW Entertainment, clarifying he’d happily work with this company again when it’s permitted.


Those that watched over this case extensively started to speculate that Stan Lee was purposely suing POW! Entertainment for his daughters’ benefit. The Marvel creator hadn’t engaged in court proceedings with this corporation after decades of continued business. Claims made by Stan Lee were incorrect, with the creator first signing his international properties off during his Adult Years.

This evidence prompted the United States District Court Judge, Otis Wright, to dismiss all claims made by J.C. Lee. The daughter of Stan lee was than ordered to payout $1 Million in Restitution Fees to POW! Entertainment. This judge clarified that the daughter was trying to create profitable opportunities for herself & that the courts find her suit unreasonable, mainly after it’d previously been discussed in several federal courts. J.C. Lee must now payout the full amount by August 31st.

It should be mentioned that this isn’t the 1st time that J.C. Lee has tried to benefit from her father. Most Marvel supporters are disgusted by her actions & believe her father should be allowed to rest properly after death.