Thailand ICCT20 Qualifier

Thailand is making massive waves in the world of cricket as a new and upcoming team desperate to leave their mark in the arena of international cricket. Since 2013, the Thailand women’s cricket team has been present in ICCT20 qualifier, but this year it is only one more game which they need to win to make it to the Cup which is scheduled to take place in Australia next year. If the team manages to find victory over the organization of Papua New Guinea, they will have the privilege of presenting their country in the Cup. This is a dream of team captain Sornnarin Tippoch.

The history records of cricket in Thailand never indicate it to be anything more than a past time pleasure for expats. From this lack of interest, Mohideen Kader, CEO of the Thailand Cricket Association, has started with a massive drive to promote cricket in the country in 2007. This was done by inviting Thai youngsters to introductory games to get them interested. His efforts paid off in abundance, and only a short 12 years later cricket is being played in all 14 provinces of the country.

The Qualifiers

During the qualifiers, the Thai team was up for batting first in all three games thus far. On the batting side, they still need to achieve their first 100 runs; a goal hoped to be completed shortly. First, they were up against the team from the Netherlands, a game which was shortened to nine overs. Next up was the ladies of Namibia and Thailand managed a 99/6 and then followed that up against Ireland with 92/7. The rain played a major in their performance. Their star player during these games has been Seamer Suttiruang. With an impressive average of only 3.20, she took ten wickets during these games.

The Final Game

For Thailand to go through to the Cup, they need to defeat PNG, but this doesn’t bother coach Pathak at all. He is convinced of the capabilities of the ladies. A team which has been excelling since under his guidance from 2018 onwards. This is a team of which Pathak stated that they are competent and well skilled. His main objective when he joined the team last year, was only to help them to improve on their skills and to develop a more advanced game where their level of play is more consistent. With his help, the team managed a winning streak of 17 victories in a row.

Team captain Tippoch, formerly a softball player until she fell in love with the game during Kader’s drive for expansion of the game, has managed to captivate the fans. The team has earned recognition for themselves as professional players both on the field as well as how they conduct themselves off the ground. This is making them brilliant ambassadors for Thai cricket internationally.