The Best Musicians of All Time from All Genres

We know. The greatest musicians of all time from all genres? How is that possible? Well, our team of experts listened to thousands of songs, digging deep into the history of music and exploring every possible sound from around the world. We meticulously researched all music ever made, including experimental, popular, classical, modern, obscure, and chart-topping to create this list. You may not agree with out list, but one thing is certain, you’ll respect it.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Regarded as the best composer in the world, Beethoven refused to accept the cultural norms during his time and constantly challenged authority. His soulful symphonies and sonatas broke the foundation of the Classical Era, ushering a brand-new period known as the Romantic Era. Beethoven was deaf, but that didn’t stop him for one second to compose masterpieces which endured to this very day.

The Beatles

The Liverpool Fab Four started their careers with matching haircuts. However, once they decided to let their hair grow out, things got serious. The Beatles were active for 10 years and consisted of four incredible musicians, including Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCarthy, and John Lennon. To this day, they are widely considered as the most influential rock band in music history. They are also regarded as the best-selling music artists across the globe.

Michael Jackson

People couldn’t stop making jokes about Michael Jackson prior to his passing. Especially with the way he spoke, his fondness for children and zoo animals, the colour of his skin, the names he chose for his own kids, the women he married, his sentimental streak, his acting talents, his plastic surgeries, and his desire to grab his nuts. But that all changed when he died, allowing people to focus more on his incredible music career than the musician himself.

Louis Armstrong

The first superstar in the jazz genre was undoubtedly Louis Armstrong. He was a dazzling trumpet player and a charismatic showman that was truly too good for the band he was playing with. His performances managed to shift the focus from the band to his solo acts and he was an incredible innovator in terms of scat. He managed to popularize jazz around the world and is someone that we will never forget.

Elvis Presley

Elvis hated to be called the king of rock and also didn’t enjoy being named a hero. Elvis was teased as a child during his upbringing in Mississippi where he became a loner and starting playing guitar while getting inspiration from black gospel music and the blues scene in Memphis. He emerged as a leading figure in the genre of rock and managed to become the best solo artist in the world.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart was one-of-a-kind, an artist that had the ability to write his own classical compositions at the age of 4. At age 5, he managed to perform in public at the Salzburg University. At the age of 7, he picked up a violin and played a piece with complete accuracy without ever going for violin lessons. He eventually became one of the best classical composers in the world.