The Disney Company Furloughs Workforce

Representatives with the Disney Company announced that staff had been laid off amidst the coronavirus. This furlough will apply towards Lucasfilm, Pixar and Marvel. It’ll begin effective immediately after the World Health Organization determined that the coronavirus outbreak had turned into a global pandemic. Civilians worldwide have implemented security precautions to ensure their safety, with this extending towards significant corporations like Disney. It should be noted that there have been more than 1+ Million Cases of COVID-19 worldwide. This virus has infected everything from the stock market to the retail industry.

Disney Studios hasn’t laid off their full workforce since World War Two. This production house has created some of the most notable franchises in history, including recent hits like Avengers Endgame and The Lion King – Live action. Maintaining a great staff wouldn’t benefit Disney Studios at this time, with theatres worldwide closing their doors. This extends towards numerous productions being postponed and television properties being cancelled. Hollywood has stopped & Disney almost owns the entirety of Hollywood.

Additional Closures

The announcement that employees under the Disney Company have been furloughed is the corporation’s last confirmation. It follows after representatives already confirmed that Disney World, Disney Land and Disney Cruise Lines had postponed operational activities. Employed civilians in North America will continue to receive their payroll until April 18th, with this exclusively applying towards Non-Essential Employees. The Disney Company did confirm that essential individuals are still operating from the safe confines of their home.

Employees working for Disney can also be employed through Lucasfilm, Marvel or Pixar. Their furlough status will extend until the United States Government declares the COVID-19 pandemic over. Employees won’t be able to conventionally perform their duties, with most being parents and having to home school their children. This is a career of its own that has limited these individuals by an incredible degree. It should be noted that under this furlough status, employees with continue to receive Health Benefit Packages. This’ll ensure their safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, at least financially.

Postponed Films for the Disney Company include Mulan, Black Widow, Eternals and Artemis Foul.