The Most Popular Sporting Events in Canada

Many things make Canada exciting and unique. The country’s low crime rate, stable economy and it’s proximity to the United States makes it one of the best destinations to live in or visit. However, describing Canada cannot be complete without revealing the vast selection of sports that can be played in the country. There are several sporting events that Canadians value, allowing them perfect opportunities to showcase their talents and skills to the rest of the world.


Hockey is considered an all-year-round spirting activity at all levels in Canada. The modern game of ice hockey started in the 19th century and is a favourite pastime in the country with participation from all ages. The most popular trophies in the country’s national championship include the Allan Cup and the Memorial Cup for the senior and junior men, respectively. You will also find divisional championships across the country.


In Canada, lacrosse was seen as a national game in 1859 and was declared a summer sport during 1994. It’s enjoyed by thousands of players across the country and has been governed by the Canadian Lacrosse Association since 1925. The association conducts both junior and senior championships in both box and field lacrosse. You will also find two professional leagues of lacrosse in the country, including the Major League Lacrosse for field lacrosse league and National Lacrosse League for box lacrosse league.


Football can be seen as a form of gridiron in Canada that is played between two teams of 12 players each. The country’s football originated from rugby but has since developed into Canadian football. The Canadian Football League is considered the top professional league within the country, while Football Canada governs armature play. The main football event in Canada is the Grey Cup, and it’s a sport that is played in college and school levels.


Baseball has been a favourite sport in Canada since the beginning and remains one of the most popular sporting events in the country. The Labatt Park situated in Ontario is considered the oldest baseball park in the world and is still in operation to this day. You will find 1 Major League team in the country, know as the Toronto Blue Jay, and more than 7o different town in Canada has played host to major league baseball games. You will also find several independent league teams across the country that participate in the American Association and Can-Am League.


Even though Canada isn’t sanctioned to play Test matches, the Canadian national cricket team can play ODI matches. Canada has an extremely competitive women’s side, and the Under-19 cricket team has participated in 3 World Cup events. The senior men’s cricket team has also managed to join in 3 Cricket World Cup events. Cricket Canada has been governing the sport since it was initially established in 1982. The governing body organises domestic matches and introduced the National T20 Championship.