The Social Network: Every Human Being Is Now Connected To One Another

“My girlfriend is a blonde headed fuckin bitch. She dated 3 guys in a single day. She is a fuckin slut and she is…” I found on the facebook wall of one of my friends.


The social network has connected everyone across the globe. There are no barriers such as distance, language, race when you are connected to someone thru social networking. There are so many social networking sites on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, myspace, friendster, orkut are among the most popular sites. It is not restricted only to making friends and dating and all. Social networking has crossed all boundaries and it is considered the fastest and biggest way to make money.


Below are some interesting numbers which can depict the effect of social networking.

(Sites and its users approx.)

Facebook 500 million

Twitter 190 million

Friendster 115 million

Myspace 66 million

Facebook tops the list with its 500 million users worldwide. You have everything on facebook you need to do on the internet. Searching and adding friends, sending messages, chat, photo and video sharing, etc. This is only about entertainment part I talked about. Facebook is much more than that. Facebook is the best media to promote a business or a product. You can create an advertise on facebook that would be viewed by the whole world. You can create your own page to promote you and your products.


You met a girl in yesterday’s party and didn’t get a chance to exchange cell numbers? Don’t worry. Type her name and city name or school name in FB and you will find her. Send her a friendship request. Wow… so easy! FB is a dating site for students and youth, marketing site for businessmen and a great leisure for people like you and me.


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is the one who co-founded facebook with fellow classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes while attending Harvard. He is the youngest billionaire in the world. He really proved how the internet and social networking are the most essential elements of every human being.

The movie “the Social Network” is all about how Mark founded FB and how he fought with the controversies. You’ve gotta see that movie. It’s awesome.

I ain’t ashamed telling you all that I am addicted to FB!