The Sonic Movie Has Positive Box Office Opening

After considerable delays in post-production, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been released to international audiences. When this film was initially debuted, severe backlash faced the development team behind the computer-generated imagery. Sonic wasn’t considered to look similar to the standard character, which required a complete overhaul of the post-production. This has seemed to benefit Paramount Studios though, with the film earning $57 million in their opening week. Sonic the Hedgehog surpassed the previous record held by Detective Pikachu at $54.3 million.

It’s estimated that the film could earn more than $100 million on the opening box office weekend when considering the international scale. It would’ve been considerably higher if it wasn’t for the coronavirus in China, which was slated to be one of this films target audience groups. Video game films have always earned high profits in Asian territories while suffering in North America. It is earning potentially $70 million over the Presidents Day Weekend, giving it one of the highest box offices for a holiday period throughout 2020. It should be noted that this is an impressive foot, with February often considered a downfall month for movie studios. Mexico and the United Kingdom were also indicated as driving force behind this film’s international success.

How Things Worked Out

When audiences first got their hands on Sonic the Hedgehog, film analysts anticipated that the immediate backlash would prompt a $20 million box office weekend. Paramount Studios force the film to be revamped with its graphics, allowing for audiences to praise their efforts or not have any issues moving forward. This was in sharp contract to Universal Studios with Cats, who received similar backlash against the CGI implemented in post-production. When Universal didn’t listen to their viewers, it prompted for the film to make less than $27.2 million in eight weeks across North America. Cats are considered the worst film released in the last twenty years, with Sonic the Hedgehog narrowly avoiding similar destruction.

Many video game analysts claim that Sonic has exceeded previous films under this genre for his infamous global appeal, which is similar to Pikachu. Notable characters from video game genres have the potential to become popular film franchises. It’s expected that Spyro the Dragon or Kratos from God of War could be the next series explored by Sony Pictures. We will keep our readers informed with any updates regarding new video game films.