The Tax Collector Review

David Ayer has returned with another notable film that centres around crime in Los Angeles. This Director’s latest film is named “The Tax Collector”, starring Shia LaBeouf as “Creeper” and Bobby Soto as “David Cuevas”. Obtaining the overdue payments for drug shipments if the job of these two men, prompting the titles of Tax Collectors. A series of events unfold that force both LaBeouf’s and Soto’s characters to make decisions that commonly aren’t associated with their profession.

The Storyline

Tax Collector genuinely begins after Creeper & Cuevas shakedown the local Chicano Gang, demanding that their employer now has the right to conduct business in their territory. Chicano’s leader doesn’t react appropriately to this demand, informing both characters that a change in who runs Los Angeles is about to occur. Both men being seasoned killers maintain different philosophies to life, with Cuevas being more religious & dedicated to his family. Creeper is the exact opposite & supported the atheist mentality.

David Cuevas has coded messages from his employer, Drug lord Wizard, that preparation for his daughter’s Quinceanera is required immediately. It prompts both Creeper & Cuevas into the den of Cornejo, the Chicano Gang Leader. He’s a man known for worshipping the devil while maintaining the reputation for being Los Angeles most ruthless cartel boss. When Creeper & Cuevas make the massive pickup of drugs from the Chicano Gang, they find Cornejo waiting for them. They’re told to “Kiss the Devils Ring” and join their crew. When David Cuevas makes the wrong decision, devasting consequences unfold for a now-former enforcer. These consequences are laid-out by Creeper himself.

Release Date

The Tax Collector maintains similar tones & storylines that are conventionally seen in Crime Thrillers from David Ayer. This Director using the winning formula of savage shootouts, corruption in the streets, and violent banter. Viewers see David Cuevas work towards the safety of his family, believing that Jesus & God give him a pass to murder anyone that stands in their way. Creeper takes the role of a lethal killer & sets to take-out his former partner. Those wanting to witness this film can purchase it from On-Demand Services as of August 7th.