The United Kingdom Battling the Coronavirus

COVID-19 is becoming a substantial pandemic throughout the United Kingdom, with the death toll increasing by 2x its prior valuation in 24 hours. This extended to the number of confirmed cases rising by hundreds in that same period. When it applies to the death tolls, ten patients with previous health conditions had died after falling ill with this virus. It brings the total number of deaths to twenty-one for the United Kingdom. These valuations of confirmed cases could be incorrect, with most nations having limited access to testing kits. The United Kingdom still had capabilities to process 1140+ individuals, with this information coming directly from the UK Department of Health.

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, mentioned that multiple families would lose their loved ones far before their time. This horrendous statement followed after the Boris Johnson Government received nation-wide criticism regarding their approach towards the coronavirus. This approach includes the “Herd Immunity Strategy”, which proposes that 60% of the population acquire the coronavirus and become immune. The remaining 40% of UK Citizens would be more at liberty to purchase the coronavirus and pass away. The World Health Organization has publicly questioned this approach.

Boris Johnson has reacted immaturely to the coronavirus, with his respective protocols being more foolish than Donald Trumps. Sporting venues have been terminated, but at the discretion of each league, Boris Johnson didn’t enforce this decision. When it applies to national education, all institutions will remain open going forward. Legislation coming next week will enable local authorities to detain coronavirus patients while compensating the various sporting organizations for their cancelled events. Boris Johnson believes that UK Taxpayers should be arrested like criminals for acquiring COVID-19, while also paying for these respective sporting leagues to be profitable.

Devastation for the United Kingdom

The most upsetting and horrendous case of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom applied to a newborn baby. The mother had been transported to the North London Hospital after acquiring pneumonia, prompting the infant baby to receive the coronavirus shortly after its birth. Doctors with the North London Hospital were criticized for allowing an ill mother to hold her newborn baby. It’s suspected this child will die without any vaccinations. It should be noted that the mother has survived COVID-19 after acquiring 24/7 medical care.