Three Highest-Grossing Films Ever

The most influential form of entertainment to exist throughout human history is filmmaking. Throughout history, there have been thousands of movies, with most of them failing at box offices. However, some films have stood the test of time and earned billions throughout its lifespan. During the last two decades, this has become more significant with the increased price for movie tickets and concession stadiums. It’s a rare occurrence that a film will make history, change the course of box office history and draw in substantial worldwide crowds. Below we have listed the three films that have accomplished this task globally.

Titanic – $2.18 billion

Titanic was one of the first films to exceed pas the billion-dollar point. It was the breakout role for Leonardo DiCaprio and saw one of the most heartfelt stories displayed in cinema. Titan sparked generations of imagination, which shocked James Cameron and Movie Critics. Most anticipated that these films’ substantial budget would cause the film to sink like the ship. However, Titanic went on to earn $2.18 billion in the box office.

Avatar – $2.78 billion

It would be more than ten years before another film would dethrone Titanic from its top placement. However, it would be accomplished by the same director of James Cameron. He created his second global box office success with the story of the Navi, who traversed an alien planet that was lush and imaginative. The story, visuals, and captivating world enabled this film to earn $2.78 billion in the box office.

Avengers: Endgame – $2.79 billion

Marvel Cinematic Studios would dethrone Avatar as the highest-grossing film in history with Avengers: Endgame. This film saw the culmination of ten-years in cinema, bringing together all the favourite MCU Stars into one fight against Thanos. Endgame also saw the death of Black Widow and Iron Man, forever changing the course of MCU history. All these culminating events enabled for Marvel to earn $2.79 billion in profits. They beat out Avatar by only $1 million.