Tiger Woods and His Fight With Time

Golf impresses with Tiger Woods. This essentially means that the world of golf has one advantage over the MLB, NBA, and the NFL. Mike Trout, LeBron James, and Tom Brady have absolutely no chance at winning or even competing once they reach their 50th birthdays.

Tiger Woods on the other hand? He essentially has close to 17 years to continue adding to his major championship which currently stands at 14. One player that closed hard before his 60th birthday was Tom Watson when he stood one putt away from claiming The Open while playing at Turnberry during 2009. However, Tom Watson was nowhere near the talent that is Tiger Woods.

The Upcoming Career of Tiger Woods

Obviously, this statement doesn’t mean that Tiger Woods would be healthy long enough to match the age of Watson on the golf course. However, if his back holds up over the long-term he definitely has the ability to play for a very long time in the future. Tiger Woods, considered an 80-time winner of PRA Tours, will do much more than simply break the record of 82 held by Sam Snead. The winner of 4 Masters might even be able to match the records of Jack Nicklaus with 6 green jackets along with 18 majors as well.

“Tiger will be at least 75 years old,” Jay Monahan stated to reporters who is the commissioner of the PGA Tour. “However, if he decides to show up at a golf tournament, I will definitely place my money on him to win. You witnessed Phil Mickelson winning at the age of 48 and Vijay Singh nearly winning at the age of 56. Therefore, it’s quite impossible to place a time frame on Tiger Woods in this regard. He continues to amaze both us and the fans.”

Tiger Woods in 2018

Woods managed to amaze both himself and his fans in 2018 when he almost won back-to-back majors at the PGA Championship and The Open. He finally managed to end an overdue drought of 5 years during the Tour Championship. His injuries left him in searing pain and bedridden for most of the time where you couldn’t even spend time with his kids while he was home. When he arrived at Augusta in 2018, Woods described his appearance as a walking miracle.

However, this time around at Augusta, it was a completely different ballgame altogether. Tiger Woods managed to hold up last season when it came to his physical attributes. This lasted until the Ryder Cup when he looked like a zombie. After a glorious season in 2018, Woods spent most of his time in the gym, getting more durable, tougher, and stronger for the season that lies ahead. Even though he hasn’t claimed victory in 2019 as of yet, he did defeat Rory Mcllroy. This is the same Mcllroy that stated that the younger players don’t need to be concerned about Tiger Woods as he is not the same golfer that Ernie and Phil had the face.