Top Performing Countries in the Asian Games

The Asian Games is a viral sporting event that is held once every four years, featuring professional athletes from all across Asia. The Asian Games comes equipped with more than 50 different sports that are made up of nearly 40 different disciplines. Japan and China are the two best-performing countries during the Asian Games, where they have accumulated over 6,000 medals combined.

This is equivalent to around 44% of the medal total awarded during the Asian Games. There’s a total of 3 participating countries that are yet to claim a medal, including Maldives, Bhutan, and East Timor. Maldives and Bhutan have participated in 8 editions of the games.


The Republic of China currently boasts with the highest number of medals from all the participating countries in the Asian Games. China has managed to accumulate 3,179 coins in total in 11 Asian Games. The state also impresses with the most gold medals from any other country that participated in the Asian Games, having won 1,436 gold medals in total. The Asian Games have been hosted by China on two occasions, including the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou and the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing.

The Asian Games in 2022 will be held in Hangzhou, which is another famous city in China. Athletics is the sport where China has the most medals with 606 medals in total. Wang Yifu is the most decorated Chinese participant in the Asian Games as a professional pistol shooter. He has managed to accumulate a total of 25 medals.


Japan is one of a handful of countries that have managed to participate in every single Asian Games event since it was established in 1951. The participation of the country was made possible thanks to the Japan Olympic Committee that was initially formed back in 1911, which makes it the oldest in the Asian continent. During the Asian Games in 1966, Japan managed to win the most gold medals where the country walked away with a total of 78 medals.

However, it was only during the Asian Games of 1994 that Japan managed to accumulate the most medals from one event with 218 medals in total. Japan was the country that hosted the Asian Games in 1994. They also played host to the Asian Games in 1958. Overall, the country of Japan has managed to win 2,850 medals from all the Asian Games in participated in over the years, which places Japan second overall when it comes to medals received. Although it doesn’t lead in the medal count, it does have the most bronze and silver medals from all other countries, having a total of 912 bronze and 982 silver medals.

The Asian Games

The first Asian Games edition took place in 1951 and was initially hosted by India. Initially, you could only participate in 6 sports during the Asian Games of 1951, including aquatics, football, weightlifting, cycling, and athletics. A total of 11 countries managed to participate in the first Asian Games edition.