Two of Batman’s Appearing in DC’s The Flash

Comic books films are about to enter another level of entertainment, with Warner Brother Films announcing that Ben Affleck & Michael Keaton are both reprising their roles as the Batman in 2022. They’ll both appear in “The Flash”, an upcoming film that’ll arrive two years from now during the summer season. This announcement has shocked comic book fans, as Ben Affleck stated in 2019 that he wouldn’t reprise his role as Batman. He declined to reprise the part after “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and “The Justice League” saw horrible reviews amongst critics. Comic book fans found his version of Bruce Wayne to be perfect but his placement as Batman incorrect. Reprising this role for 2020 gives Ben Affleck a final opportunity to show his Batman wasn’t the wrong choice.

Michael Keaton’s Batman

What’s more shocking about this announcement is that Bruce Wayne’s Batman already appears in “2022s The Flash”. Michael Keaton is reprising his role as the Caped Crusader for the first time in decades, with her iteration of the character beloved similarly to Christian Bales. This indicates that the upcoming Flash film will centre around the “Flashpoint” saga, which bridges the gap between all multiverses & sets up a timeline that focuses on a single universe in DCs 52.

It’s known that Michael Keaton’s Batman will play a substantial role in “2022s The Flash”. Ben Affleck’s version will maintain less a presence, centring around the masculinity of Barry Allen & Bruce Wayne. Selecting Ben Affleck’s Batman is the best option, with his version displaying masculinity more than any other iteration of the decades-old character. The Co-Director on “2022s The Flash” emphasized that Ben Affleck’s Batman is vulnerable & that with the right storyline, his version can contrast Michael Keaton’s perfectly.

No Christian Bale

The involvement of Christian Bale’s or Robert Pattison’s Batman won’t be supported in “2022s The Flash”. Their versions of the characters are standalone from the multiverse, meaning dedicated fans of “The Dark Knight Saga” from Christopher Nolan won’t see their beloved Christian Bale reprise his role. It should be mentioned that Christian Bale confirmed he’d never play the Batman again after “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012. Technically, Christian Bale’s Dark Knight storyline concluded with his retirement in Europe. Including his character wouldn’t make any logical sense story-wise.