Village Roadshow Adapting Stephen King Novel

Stephen King is considered one of the most influential authors in history, with his horror career expanding 60+ books and 200+ short stories since 1967. These novels have crawled up the spines of readers and creates chills that can not be forgotten. This level of tension has prompted numerous Stephen King books and short stories to be adapted over into film. The growth of these adaptions has increased drastically over the last decade, with notable books like Doctor Sleep being ported to film and Castle Rock moved towards television.

Another significant entry in King’s repertoire is being adapted to film, with Deadline reporting that Village Roadshow has purchased the rights to “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon”. This book was initially written in 1999, centring around the Horror-Psychological Genre. It holds the noteworthy scoring of 3.6 from Goodreads. Stephen’s most notable and highest-rated novel is the Shining, which stands at a 5.0 with Goodreads.

The Storyline

Stephen Kings “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” because a noteworthy novel during its initial existence. Recent deaths had been unveiled around the Appalachian Trail, which is where this novel is set. Readers clamoured to place themselves into a similar setting. This Psychological-Horror Novel begins with a Preteen Girl finding herself lost in the Appalachian Trail. She using Pre-Taped Baseball Games to sooth her mind while trying to locate her surroundings, often dreaming of a Boston Red Sox Pitcher rescuing her to safety. Eventually on her travels it’s revealed that this young woman isn’t left to her own accords. What unfolds is considered one of the most frightening experiences from Stephen King in the 90s.

George Romero

Village Roadshow wasn’t the initial production house slated to adapt “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon”. Initially it was Living Dead Films, the studio owned and operated by George Romero before his passing. This doesn’t mean that the adaptation hasn’t remain in the family, with George’s wife taking the lead. Christine Hall will work with Village Roadshow to create a prolific horror film. It should be mentioned that additional production staff have been hired. This includes Jon Berg, Roy Lee, and Ryan Silbert from Stampede Ventures.