What to Expect at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

Although we are still dusting off the New Year’s Day glitter, it’s already time to prepare for another massive event in January which is the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short. The annual flurry of gadgets and tech will make its return to Las Vegas this week where you can look forward to everything new in the world of technology. From the biggest television screens to smart homes, let’s take a sneak peek at what we can expect at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show.

Better, Bigger Screens

More than anything else, the Consumer Electronics Show is considered a wonderland for those that are a little obsessed with screens. From small to big, we’ll get a great sense of what future displays will look like. However, for the most part, you can expect to see technologies in screens pioneered from the past making their way to become mainstream products
There’s no denying that an 8K television is pretty pointless due to the fact that there isn’t any viable media out there as of yet. However, that won’t stop Samsung, Sony, or LG from showing off their incredible pixel-dense screens at this year’s CES along with plenty of 8K models that consumers can buy directly from a store. Samsung will also reveal its MicroLED TV’s which will be based on their popular Wall display units.

Virtual Assistants

At the CES this year, you’ll notice that Amazon will have a massive presence to compete with Google who had quite a large space in 2018. You can expect to see integration with Alexa with speakers and displays as well as appliances, televisions, and more. Amazon will even feature a car-related exhibit to showcase their Alexa Auto which can be added to any compatible car for personal assistance. Apart from Amazon, you can also expect Google to make another massive splash in 2019 when it comes to virtual assistants.

Smarter Homes

Connected ovens and fridges have always played an important role at CES and things will definitely be the same this year as well. Most of the connectivity in your home will undoubtedly bleed over into other household aspects, including your bathroom. Plus, due to the fact that a new fridge will cost an arm and a leg, the Show will definitely produce smaller appliances, such as crock pots and countertop ovens which will also receive connected treatment in the process. There’s also a good chance that Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant will be integrated into these appliances as well.

Entertaining, Intelligent Cars

Another area that will be worth checking out is the automobiles section thanks to EV innovations and autonomous driving capabilities. Bosch/Daimler and Ford are expected to showcase their research when it comes to mobility space, including a brand-new AI driver system as well as LIDAR sensors. You can also expect to see new technology in other vehicles, such as tractors and trucks as well. You can also look forward to Audi making an appearance with their new car entertainment system.