Why Russel Wilson is the Most Important Quarterback in the NFL

Russel Wilson provided an exciting strategy when he gave the Seattle Seahawks until 15 April 2019 for an extension on his contract with only one year left on his current contract. Should his strategy work out in his favour, he will be considered the highest-paid player in the NFL by Easter. Should it not work out, he will be the most exhilarating free agent in the league a year from now.

Most Important Quarterback in the NFL

Due to where it currently is in his football career, how desperately the Seattle Seahawks need him at the moment, and the current economic landscape of the league, Russel Wilson is considered the most critical quarterback in the NFL at the moment due to his contract situation. He has the unique opportunity to set a brand-new standard when it comes to contract guarantees during a time when there’s a hit situation with players.

Should the Seattle Seahawks refuse to sign him and instead go with a year-to-year on franchise tags, Wilson could be Kirk Cousins with a far better resume. With that in mind, let’s take an in-depth look at Wilson’s contract and how it is likely to turn out.

The Deadline Motivation

The deadline on 15 April 2019 seems a bit arbitrary, making Wilson look unnecessarily eager at the moment. The primary reason he wants this deal to be completed before the Seattle Seahawks begin their offseason program is to avoid distraction substantially. That overused, ever-present, ephemeral hobgoblin in the NFL that plays a significant role with fans in the league even though its considered baloney. Wilson, a third-round pick and college transfer who managed to win the Super Bowl when he was 25 years old and almost did it again when he was 26 years old, has battled through more challenges than a contract that needs to be finalised?

The other reason could be that Russel Wilson wants the Seattle Seahawks to reveal their intentions over the long-term for him and their team. Russel Wilson has made it quite clear that he would be okay to play for the Seattle Seahawks this season without the need of an extension, forcing them to utilise a franchise tag on Wilson in 2020 at the cost of around $30 million. Alternatively, they can leave him alone as a free agent. Should they be willing to sign Wilson long-term, it will be beneficial for him to be aware of it right now. It would also allow Wilson to start searching for another team that is interested in signing him up.

Wilson has started in each game for the Seattle Seahawks in his seven-year career and has managed to prove his worth by carrying the Seahawks through winning seasons. The Seahawks have managed to average 10.7 wins each season since Wilson became their quarterback. He also managed to reach the postseason a total of 6 times in 7 years.