Why Upgrading to an SSD is a Must?

Having a computer that’s really fast has become a desire for all of us since the first computers were introduced. The technology of computers has improved drastically, even when we don’t look at hard drives as ram has become a lot faster, chips are simply incredible, and the motherboards have improved to allow us to get even more out of our computers.

Even for those who don’t know much about computers, having an SSD in just about any PC or laptop is sure to feature an amazing range of benefits when it comes to how fast you access programs, files and how quickly things load.

What is an SSD

An SSD is a hard drive consisting of no moving parts as it uses non-volatile flash memory. This form of memory is a lot faster than the traditional spinning hard drive as it doesn’t need to read the data from a disk but can rather access the info you need instantly.

Since there are no moving part, it’s also a lot quieter as you won’t hear the hard drive spinning or the headers moving to locate specific into in a certain part of the drive. Of course, this also means for those who use a laptop, it is a lot more power efficient due to the above facts.

How to Switch to an SSD

Once you get your SSD, there are various programs that allow you to migrate from one hard drive to the next. Most of the software requires a purchase, which is recommended as the free software is limited and might not allow you to do it as easily or as quickly. If you buy a Samsung SSD, you’ll find it’s a lot easier as they actually include the software you need to transfer your OS or all your files to the SSD.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle and risk of doing it yourself, most computer shops would be happy to install the SSD or you and optimise it for the best performance so that your OS and programs run off the SSD and your data remains on the standard hard drive.

Install Options

With a desktop computer, you won’t be limited to install an SSD and would be able to keep everything the same. The SSD would simply become an additional hard drive for your OS and programs while the other hard drive would become data drives.

In a laptop, there are a few things to consider, which comes down to the configuration of your PC. Newer laptop and gaming laptops have a special SSD slot where a Nvme drive can be installed. Not only are these a lot faster, but you also don’t need to change anything about the laptop to install it.

If it can’t take a Nvme drive, the other option is to buy a bigger SSD (512gb or bigger) to replace your current hard drive. If you want to save some money by getting a smaller SSD, consider replacing the CD drive with a caddy and having the SSD installed there.