Wonder Woman Delayed Again

December 2020 marks the latest official date for “Wonder Woman 1984”, the sequel for the highly praised 2017 film. Warner Brother Studios announced on September 12th that WW1984 wouldn’t be released until the Christmas Holidays, citing concerns for the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple theatres have remained closed to avoid additional outbreaks in North America, Eurasia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Wonder Woman 1984 was initially slated to release for June 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Warner Brothers to postpone the launch date until October 2020. Warner Brothers had hoped the epidemic would’ve levelled itself out within five months. However, infection percentages worldwide are increasing amid the Flu Season & Warner Brother Executives have permitted an additional postponement until late December.

Movie theatres worldwide are slowly reopening their doors, creating new health measures & protocols that must be obeyed by guests. Most remain closed as discussions on resuming operations continue amongst executives with AMC & other theatre chains. Warner Brothers selecting to postpone Wonder Woman 1984 by an additional two months will increase the number of theatres available to show this film. Considering that Tenet has made low profits at the Box Office this month with minimal visitors to reopened theatres, it’s also unsurprising that Warner Brothers would want to save Wonder Woman 1984 from similar problems. The same production distributor houses both films.

Finance Over Health

December 25th will mark the date when Wonder Woman 1984 is expected to arrive at theatres. It’s a surprising timeframe for Warner Brothers to select. Provincial & State Leaders will request that civilians remain home for the holidays and avoid seeing family limit the spread of COVID-19. Providing family members entertainment options won’t assist with these requests & Wonder Women 1984 isn’t the exclusive film that Warner Brothers is releasing during the holidays. Dune is releasing worldwide on December 18th, giving the movie several days without competition.

Warner Brothers permitting both these films to release during the peak of flu season has been highly criticized by health experts & a multitude of politicians. Warner Brothers are likely selecting this postponement for financial guarantees with Wonder Woman 1984, and not because the COVID-19 pandemic is still active worldwide. The epidemic will be present by December 2020.