Wonder Woman Three Greenlight

Announcements regarding another sequel were issued days after Wonder Woman 1984 released worldwide to cinemas & streaming services. Warner Brother Studios confirmed the production on Wonder Woman Three, which has received prominent praise amongst fans wanting a conclusion for Diana Prince’s storyline. Development of Wonder Woman 1984 has received greenlight status for fast-tracked production, meaning a release date in the upcoming four years. Conflicting schedules between the Director & Leading Actress of Wonder Woman could prompt the third entry to release latest by 2025.

December 25th marked Wonder Woman 1984s official release date, with the iconic superhero leading DCs cinematic universe to new heights. Fanfare reactions towards WW1984 have been mixed, with older supporters adoring the 80s aesthetic. Younger children finding that timeframe unappealing because of their parents harbored resentment towards WW1984. Standard to the DCEU, Warner Brothers doesn’t produce their superhero franchises for children but instead, adults.

Most selected watching Wonder Woman 1984 from their homes, avoiding cinemas with an enhanced & more transmissible version of coronavirus spreading worldwide. Thousands couldn’t stop themselves from witnessing WW1984 in its theatrical release, enabling robust ticket sales for the American Domestic Box Office. Warner Brother’s latest film has earned the highest Box Office profits since March 2020, earning $16.7 Million. Details regarding the finances gained via digital sales & stream subscriptions hasn’t been announced by Warner Brothers. However, it’s estimated that upwards of $80 to $100 Million could be acquired for WW1984 in the opening week after release.

Delays Inevitable

Director Patty Jenkins has helmed the first & second Wonder Woman films, with confirmations issued that she’ll direct another sequel. Details regarding the storyline & possible villain hasn’t been issued to fanatics, with that information not likely becoming available for years. That’s because Director Jenkins is directing the Cleopatra film & an upcoming Star Wars film for Disney. Her working schedule is extensive until 2023, leaving production for Wonder Woman Three housed for 36-Months.